Current Giants Roster

The Current Best Player of New York Giants

New York Giants is an American football club that has earned its reputation through their good performance on the pitch. It has contributed a lot in this league by producing some of the best players who have played in it. Its good performance can be attributed to the high class players who are highly talented and have shown high standard in their game. Here are some of the seven best players that are currently playing for New York Giants watch them by finding cheap NY Giants tickets online.

1. Victor Cruz
He plays in the position of a receiver. He is known for his consistency and being very aggressive. Although he suffered bad injuries last season and missed some games, he finished as the team leader in reception (73) and receiving yards (998).

2. Prince Amukara
He takes the position of the corner back in the team. At 24 years of age he has proved to a very crucial to the team. His performance is top notch considering that he has allowed 56 out of 85 targets thrown. He has also successfully put up to eight passes and this has contributed to his high rating of 89.8 on NFL.

3. Eli Manning
This quarterback player is one of the most respected New York Giants due to his quality of the game. At 33 year of age, his career has been ruined by the injuries but whenever he is in a good form he does wonders. He is currently having lowest number of touchdowns just at 17 in a full season.

4. Will Hill
Playing the safety position, he is a very important member of the team. He is rated by Pro Football Focus as the third best safety player. He has very perfect moves his giving the best to the team. He considered be one of the best safeties in the NFL in near future.

5. Justin Pugh
He takes the position of offensive lineman while playing for the giants. His prowess has earned him the first slot in the first-round thus starting every game. He is ranked at number thirteen for the best right tackle in the NFL league. He does not waste any opportunity that comes his way and this is what has made him one of the best players of the New York Giants.

6. Antrel Rolle
He takes the safety position while in the pitch. He is currently rated as the 10th best safety in the NFL. He has posted very impressive grades in both run defense (4.0) and in coverage (4.1).

7. Reuben Randle
He plays the position of a receiver on the pitch. His aggression and consistency in the game have earned him good reputation in the club positioning him among the best players currently in New York Giants.