FedEx Field

One of the largest creations of man: FedEx Field

The Washington Redskins is a very popular team all across the United States so getting Redskins tickets is difficult. They are a professional American football team found in Washington, D.C belonging to both the National Football league and National Football conference. Their home stadium is found in Landover, Maryland known as the FedEx Field. The colossal stadium initially called the Jack Kent Cooke Stadium has the capacity to hold slightly over 91,000 people in their seats and is undeniably the biggest venue in the NFL today. Unlike other many stadiums which are usually owned either by cities or companies, FedEx Field is owned by Daniel Snyder who is not only the owner of the Washington Redskins, but also the chairman of the board of the Six Flags.

Because of the enormous size of the stadium and its strategic location where there isn’t a lot of traffic, there exits an extra exit found on the Capital beltway. The exit way is usually opened during events. Fans love it because parking fees near the stadium are always very high and it is only a few strides away from public transportation stations.

The Robert. F. Kennedy Memorial stadium found also in Washington, D.C was initially the home field for the Washington Redskins. After moving to the FedEx Field, fans attendance drastically increased and continues to be on the rise. However, creation of this gigantic structure did not come cheap, an investment of over $250 million was made during construction. Apart from football, the stadium has played host to a number of reputable soccer events such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1999 and a number of international friendly matches.

The stadium was created to fit as many fans as possible while providing everyone with the best view available. There are 5 seating levels with each ranked according to its charges. For instance, the most affordable tickets are for the Pete Rozelle Upper Level while the Joe Gibbs level is characterized by the most expensive seats. Many people feel the old stadium was much better than the FedEx Field and there are rumors that Daniel Snyder is planning to build another sports arena in the heart of the city to serve as a replacement.

The stadium is opened 2 hours before any game is played. Fans with suite seats or having club level can access live performances by different bands and entertainment events that take place before every game. The ever-growing popularity of the Washington Redskins combined with the special pre-game events have made the attendance in the stadium to skyrocket, breaking all previous records.