Elder Price Goes Nuts!

Best Songs from Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon musical can easily be considered to be anything from very funny to crude and tasteless; it just depends on which side of the spectrum your sense of humour lies so find Book of Mormon discount tickets online. But be it a bad joke or satire with pure intentions, I am sure that most people can agree that the musical numbers were absolutely hilarious. The songs in the musical are parodies of other Broadway songs and are satirized attempts at addressing different vices. Of all the songs, I have two absolute favorites in the book of Mormon: You and Me But Mostly Me, and Hasa Diga Eebowai.

You and me (but mostly me) is a duet by Elder Price and Elder Cunningham. Other than being a very thematic and beautiful duet, it clearly brings out the egotistical preoccupation with self, personal preferences, aspirations and needs of Price’s character. I believe that this could actually be satirization of the same qualities in Mormonism as having a few narcissistic types. The foundation of the Mormon’s faith is based on being elite, special, and God’s chosen people. The song shows exactly how Elder Price sees himself as valiant, successful, exclusive and a light or savior to the world. Other than that, it also parodies defying gravity by wicked: a personal favorite and a song which holds the same line of sentiments as the musical parody.

The song brings out a clear connect of contemporary theological debate that in the same way the writer of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith believed he was called of God to preach repentance to a sinful world and assume the role of prophet is the aspiration of Elder Price and by extension, most Mormons. You and Me but Mostly Me satirizes his radical self-esteem and believe he was called by God to ‘set the world free’ and ‘change the world forever’. For me this song sums the musical up as something that puts faith in perspective while managing to be hilarious at the same time.

On to the next one, Hasa Diga Eebowai is a spin off of Lion King’s Hakuna Matata. It is very catchy and has a way of staying in your head for an entire week. I am not quite sure whether the words exist in any dialect but it sure makes for a good song. The references about forgetting all problems and the sheer number of ridiculous problems in the song itself make it funnier and funnier with each line. Seeing as it is not a song to be taken seriously, it only makes it to my short list of best songs just because it’s catchy.